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Close to home, close to new friends and colleagues


We are a local co-working space based out of Son (Vestby), Norway with a focus of providing a local venue to promote local business and innovation in a social and inclusive environment.


Our main goal is to provide an arena where you can get to know your neighbors and residents of Son in a friendly office environment. Encouraging people that work from home or that commutes to Oslo to stay and work locally.

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Son Hub is the place that you can connect with your colleagues and forge new bonds



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*All prices are per month and excluded VAT (MVA)

We offer invoicing and purchases of multiple memberships on behalf of your employees.
Monthly or Yearly invoicing
Creditcard payment and access to the Hub through the Orbit App.
No "lock in", 1 month notice period of termination of membership.
Is your train delayed or cancelled? Come work at Son Hub!
You can buy Flex Seating through the Orbit app on ad-hoc basis:
1 day at 249 NOK ex VAT (MVA)

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Slettaveien 7 

1555 Son

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